La Trattoria Restaurant

La Trattoria Restaurant

Capri, Italy

The island of Capri, the source of inspiration for our dishes and ambiance

La Trattoria Shop Washington Lane

La Trattoria Shop, Washington Lane

Cafe Boulevard LF Wade International Airport

Café Boulevard at the L.F. Wade International Airport

Interior of La Trattoria

Interior of La Trattoria Restaurant

Wood burning oven pizza

Pizza from Bermuda's only 100% wood burning oven

Succulent seafood pasta

Succulent seafood pasta

Our menu features the freshest of ingredients

Fresh ingredients, impeccable flavours

Fresh parmesan

Fresh Parmesan

Get to Know

Our Team

La Trattoria's successful and professional team is overseen by Nicola Russo, who has more years experience in the restaurant business than he is willing to admit! With a passion for food and an always welcoming personality, he strives to ensure that everyone enjoys their time at La Trattoria.

This enthusiasm and warmth with our guests, fosters La Trattoria's unparalleled reputation as the friendliest restaurant in Bermuda.

The culinary experience is enhanced by Angelo D' Amato, who works with a highly capable team to create the best and most authentic Italian food.

Working alongside these master restaurateurs is Shadonna Phipp, who runs the La Trattoria Shop and has provided administrative help for almost 20 years. Her engaging charisma plays an integral role in the core team and undoubtedly adds to the entire La Trattoria experience.

Nicola Russo - General Manager
Angelo D'Amato - Executive Chef
Shadonna Phipp - Manager, the Shop

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